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Why is Our participation important?

Many organisations like the South Asian Initiative To End Violence Against Children (SAIEVAC) have realised the importance of child opinion and recommendations in policy making to end violence against children in South Asia.

Promoting meaningful participation is a key objective of SAIEVAC to ensure that children’s perspective on violence within the region are taken into consideration and acted upon.

The children are, indeed, the best ones to consult because they know what laws and environment they need to stop violence against them. If there were no children participating in these meetings, the meetings would not have been so successful because adults who are making decisions would have not been reminded what children think and what children’s ideas look like. The adults can never come into the shoes of the children”- Ugyen Dema Dorji Governing Board Member Child Representative, Bhutan.

Children have always been at the centre of decision-making processes of SAIEVAC. This makes SAIEVAC unique. Children from all SAARC Countries are represented in each Regional Consultation of Children. Children attend learning session on issues of concern to form and present their views and recommendations to adults.

The children representatives have equal responsibilities and power of Government Representatives.

"We realized that we have the equal responsibilities as any other governing board member. In fact, we have a bigger responsibility because we are not only representing our country but all the children in South".

  • Interview children who have been subject of violence
  • Write articles for peace gong
  • Lets bring out a newsletter talking about various forms of violence against children
  • Spread awareness in the form of talks and story telling
  • Visit NGO connected with these children
  • Be pro active and know our rights
  • Collection of books for mobile library
  • With donation collected distributed tiffin boxes at asha grih
  • Collected pencils for walking pencils
  • Organised a workshop on media literacy
  • Participated in the cofernce on child disabilty to understand the problems at grass roots
  • Sold candles in diwali to collect money for asha grih


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