Rights to know

What are Rights?

  • Your Right is what someone else must do for you.
  • Your Right is also about what others must not do to you (such as discriminate, use violence).
  • Rights are entitlements.

Needs, Rights, Privileges

Needs are all those tangible and intangible things we wish for to live.
Some of these are basic needs.
Some of these basic needs get translated into a legal frame and become a right.
A privilege is a need that may be legally valid but beyond a basic need or right.

Children and their rights

According to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Children - that India ratified in 1992 - all children are born with fundamental rights.

  • Right to Survival - to life, health, nutrition, name, nationality
  • Right to Development - to education, care, leisure, recreation, cultural activities
  • Right to Protection - from exploitation, abuse, neglect
  • Right to Participation - to expression, information, thought, religion

And a right to achieve these dreams. Even though India's children account for more than one-third of its population, their interests have never been given priority and their rights have been violated every single day.

The most common form of child right violation is violence .


A child shall mean any person under the age of 18 years and will include adolescents in its mandate. In line with Article 19 of the UNCRC, "violence" includes

  • All forms of physical or mental violence
  • Injury and abuse
  • Neglect and negligent treatment
  • Maltreatment or exploitation, including sexual abuse.

This definition covers exposure of children to violence in homes, communities, schools, institutions, workplaces, and in development and emergency settings.
 Violence is understood to occur not only between adults and children but also between children.
 Violence against children can be categorized under the following 5 major headings:

  1. Child Labor
  2. Sexual Abuse
  3. Trafficking
  4. Corporal Punishment
  5. Child Marriage


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