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Supporting Ngos- We have collaborated with the following Ngos for assisting and helping them with their objectives. If you are interested in internship or volunteering with these organizations please write to us.

Asha Grih

Asha Grih, a project of Believers Church, is a home licensed with the government of India for runaway and orphaned children found on the streets of New Delhi.

The home helps these children recover from exploitation, begging and child labor by giving them protection, love, and development opportunities. Children are enrolled in the home through the Child Welfare Committee (CWC) of Delhi Government.

If it is in a runaway’s best interests, Asha Grih will try to reunite them with their family. Otherwise, they can make their home at Asha Grih.

Life on the Streets

No one really knows how many street children are in the world. According to UNICEF, it could be up to 100 million. Yet, there are comparatively few trying to help these children.

Most of the people searching for kids on the street want to exploit them. Greedy gang leaders cripple some children and force them to beg. Brothels trap others, filling their short lives with fear and cruel abuse.

The kids who dodge these fates don’t have it much better—all street children work hard to survive. They hawk trinkets at traffic signals. They scavenge for garbage to sell. They squat on bare calloused feet to shine shoes. They labor in dingy little factories. And at the end of a long day, they can only collapse into a bed of filthy concrete. These children are often illiterate, sick and malnourished. Many sniff glue or take drugs to cope.

In Delhi alone, there are an estimated 200,000 children living on the streets. Kolkata, Chennai and Mumbai each have around 100,000 children without a home

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Believers Church Delhi Diocese
M – 4, Hauz Khas

0112-685 8465
New Delhi – 110 016


Code to conquer

Code to Conquer is a nonprofit organization formed in 2014 with one aim- To empower young, brilliant minds to conquer the world by teaching them computer science. These people, due to their financial implications are unable to learn computer science and therefore have no platform to implement their ideas and change the world. We are devoted to creating an environment where children are encouraged to come up with ideas and learn the beauty of computer science in ways that are fun yet rigorous. We want to ensure that neither age nor financial constraints act as a barrier to their goals.

Our primary motive with Code to Conquer is to provide every Indian student, regardless of the money they have or where they come from, with the opportunity to change global society through the medium of computer science. We need your help in empowering students from all over the country to revolutionize the world.

Therefore, we are looking for volunteers from different parts of India. If you want to help us in changing the world, please visit our apply and contact page if you wish to get in touch with us.

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Indian alliance for child rights

This country alliance was formed in 2001, to carry forward the commitments of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (1989) and the decisions of the UN General Assembly Special Session on Children (2002). It operates as an open forum and a training resource for NGOs, CBOs, research institutions and universities, artists and creative persons, and concerned citizens, and has outreach centres in north, north-east, south India, and a new programme initiative in west India. The alliance energises and facilitates NGO initiatives on critical issues of social development. Its focus is on the needs and rights of children, who form 41 % of India’s total population, and about 50 % of India’s poor. In 2003, it led a national review of child rights and produced a 5-year report which was commended by the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child, and widely recognized in India. As of 2007, the alliance is coordinating country-wide participation to formulate its second 5-year report on national action for child rights. The alliance advocates a central position for children’s entitlements in national planning and investment in social development.

Mission - Every right for every child.

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Phone +91-11-26516025, 26520959
Email IACRIndia@gmail.com



Stairs is a non-profit organization working in the field of development of underprivileged youth through channelization of their energies in sports and education. Sport is increasingly being viewed by the society in general and young people in particular as a tool to achieve personal and community development objectives. Government and non-government agencies, at national as well as international level, are incorporating it in their strategies to address humanitarian and development work. Sport is also being adopted as a part of corporate social responsibility.

Mission - Empower youth to climb ladder of success by enrolling them into sports and education.

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12, Gagan Vihar, First Floor
New Delhi-110092
Telephone: +91-11-22528436
Fax: +91-11-40536341
E-mail: stairs@stairs.org.in


Bridge of Hope

Bridge of Hope is a childcare project of Believers Church, which provides a holistic development for children living in severe poverty through value-based teaching and training. This child-centered and community-focused project emphasizes on physical, educational, emotional, social and moral aspects of the children who are enrolled in the center.

Bridge of Hope provides free education, health care, nutritious food and school supplies for the underprivileged children. This holistic development focuses on equipping these children not only to grow into responsible citizens, but also to reach their potential.

Today, Bridge of Hope has about 550 centers catering to the needs of over 67,000 underprivileged children in India, Nepal, Myanmar and Sri Lanka by providing them free education, a nutritious diet, school uniforms, school bags and books. With over 4,000 qualified staff to manage these centers, the Bridge of Hope has given these children a new ray of hope for a brighter future.

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Kumaon Rural library

Community living is an important part of any civilized society. Respect for each other's culture and country's heritage; contribution to socio-economic development of communities; and protection of habitat of human and the wildlife are fundamental to peace and harmony in any society. Rise in economic prosperity of a country and its constituents without corresponding growth of their culture is likely to make economic prosperity unsustainable in the long term. Producing leaders that excel in the field of art, literature and other cultural areas is fundamental to cultural development of the country.

India is currently passing through a phase of rapid social, cultural and economic transition due to liberalization and resultant exposure. Significant changes are occurring in the way of life of people. An immensely young population has to deal with the dynamics of this transition on a daily basis. The role of art and literature assumes far greater importance in such times. Thinkers, writers, poets and artists assume a significant role in providing coherence to the process of transition and documenting it. There is a need to strengthen the role and contribution of thinkers, writers, poets and artists in the country.

An exodus of young population is taking place from the villages and smaller towns in search of employment opportunities. The migrating youth do not always carry their way of life along thus leaving behind traditions, customs, costumes, which gradually fade out of their lives and collective memories. Efforts are required to preserve and document these traditions and practices for the benefit of future generations to make them strong resilient societies.

India is a country with an immensely young population. It is the responsibility of the more stable and established adults of the society to provide guidance, be approachable, become mentors, and offer their wisdom to the young and aspiring population who are the future thought leaders.

The Centre is keen to develop internships as an integral part of our programme. We invite interns from diverse professional and educational backgrounds to come forward to contribute to the work of the Centre. Their experience with the Centre will enable them to continue to participate in community development work well beyond the course of this internship. In that sense, the internship is recognized as a beginning of a much longer relationship between the Centre and the intern, as well as the institution they represent.

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Peace gong

The Peace Gong is a platform for children across the world to write on social concerns. With its aim to connect children for a nonviolent planet, it reaches out to children through its print edition, the web edition, a Talking Paper and Wallpaper. It helps to facilitate children use their communicative skills to initiate dialogue for peace and nonviolence and voice their concerns on issues of their communities, regions, nations and globally. It is also a vehicle to promote child participation and volunteerism amongst young people for community building.


Bal Utsav

Bal Utsav is a leading NGO for education in India. It provides learning opportunities for children, parents, teachers, practitioners, researchers and organizations. The work with and impact the lives of children and youth at the international, state and local levels.

Team Bal Utsav repairs, builds and makes sustainable interventions to school infrastructure, to ensure that the under privileged students have access to a quality learning environment.

Bal Utsav gives Student Scholarships thereby offering the resources they need for the full year of school thus catering to the entire lifecycle from childhood to livelihood. The scholarship includes tuition costs, school materials, transportation and other fees that are required. The primary objective of the scholarships is to stimulate them in their academic study, cultures and experiences.

The also make sustainable interventions towards pre-service and in-service teachers. This is carried out by creating engaging learning materials, providing trained teachers to improve the student teachers ratio and also providing learning interventions through interactive methodologies for better learning outcomes. Bal Utsav’s comprehensive training programs help teachers experience newer ways of learning so that they can make the time that the children spend in the schools meaningful.

WASH-They also provide Water, Sanitation, Health, Hygeine interventions to students. This ensures that all students have access to high quality and safe WASH facilities and the required knowledge to use them so they do not miss school due to preventable illnesses.

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785, 2nd cross, Ayappa Layout,
Munnekolalu, Marathahalli,
Bengaluru, Karnataka 560037


Beyond Carlton

Beyond Carlton is a people’s initiative for fire safety. It brings together survivors & families affected by the Carlton Towers fire tragedy that took place on the 23rd of February 2010. It was formed to make citizens more fire safety aware and make authorities accountable.

Every year in the month of February Beyond Carlton conducts a memorial service in memory of the 9 lives lost in the Carlton Towers fire tragedy and hosts a lecture which features well known speakers on urban issues . Recently, a PIL was filed by Beyond Carlton supported by Namma Bengaluru Foundation in the Karnataka high court in 2010 resulting in a Govt. notification for stringent preventive measures for high rise buildings in Karnataka.

Beyond Carlton is now in the news for launching a one of its kind app called Fire Champ to encourage citizens to report obvious fire safety violations in high-rises around the city in collaboration with the Karnataka Fire Department.

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No.420, 4th A Cross,
OMBR Layout
Bangalore - 560 013


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