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event date 13th January, 2016

The Selfless Yours Team in Bangalore today chose the SG school to have an ice breaker activity, collaborate with the school personnel and explore ways in which they can help the community school.

Children who have been child laborers are unable to adapt to the regular education system at one go. They need to get used to going to and being at school, and they need special attention as their development may not necessarily lag but may also be unexposed to any kind of formal education. The children attend the Bridge Schools for a year during which they are prepared to cope with a regular school again. Our intent was so explore opportunities for buddy building and mentoring in such schools.

How can we help these kids cope with the world today not only in terms of education but also in general knowledge, daily living activities and communication? How do we help them make their way up to regular schools where they open up to competition and face the world as adults?

How do we help them with complete learning and all round education?

We started off with a simple activity of making groups and playing board games with a classroom ranging with kids ages 7 to 10 with varying abilities and backgrounds. This was when we could get an idea of their interests, abilities as well as simple challenges that they could possibly face in regular schools.

The kids of the school welcomed us with open arms and we realized that even though we were not fluent in the language they communicated in, we found our ways to interact with each other, connect and look ahead to a long lasting relationship in the future.

In a concluding meeting with school personnel we identified ways in which we could help the school on a consistent basis so as to actually impact their lives in a positive manner. We also identified simple teaching aids  we could create in order to teach them simple etiquette, world history, effective ways of communication, monuments, general knowledge in many other areas other than reading , writing and Math which was being done by the school anyways.

Other thoughts that came to mind were fund raising activity for this bridge school.

Simran, Mahima, Nimisha.



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