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NGO ropes in school students to train underprivileged kids in journalism

NGO ropes in school students to train underprivileged kids in journalism

Underprivileged children from Chakkarpur village in Gurgaon may soon voice their views on social issues like child labour, child trafficking and education in a newsletter of their own.

International non-profit organization Peace Gong, which opened its Haryana chapter in Gurgaon last Sunday, will bring out the newsletter.

For the project, Peace Gong has collaborated with a group of seven students from The Shri Ram School in Aravali known as Selflessly Yours.

The students will mentor marginalized children for developing communication and reporting skills so that they can pursue a career in journalism. This initiative is called Buddy Building project.

The students will work on building communication, semiotic and cultural skills along with critical-thinking abilities among the children through hands-on media training programme.

Yashna Batra, a Class XII student of The Shri Ram School, is the founder of Selflessly Yours.

"The Buddy Building project will provide an open environment for the children from mixed background to share their thoughts and ideas and enable the mentors to gain insight into the societal and community issues relating to the children and thereby assuming a role of catalyst for socio- economic change," Yashna said.

Peace Gong, founded in 2012, is a volunteer-driven nonprofit organization that aims to promote children’s participation for community building. It is working with number of United Nations. See more at http://paper.hindustantimes.com/epaper/iphone/homepage.aspx#_article05562c66-c5d3-4b89-b5da-fd36a4180ae9/waarticle05562c66-c5d3-4b89-b5da-fd36a4180ae9/05562c66-c5d3-4b89-b5da-fd36a4180ae9//true



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